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Title: Market data changes
Page Content:

​Please note the changes to real-time data fees from the following exchanges, effective 1 January 2017:

Prague Stock Exchange​Level 1
Level 2
​EUR 13 (previously EUR 12)
EUR 23 (previously EUR 22)
London Stock Exchange​​Level 1​GBP 43.70 (previously GBP 41.90)
London Stock Exchange IOB​​Level 1​GBP 24 (previously GBP 22)
Montreal Futures ExchangeLevel 1 USD 40 (previously USD 38)
FTSE JSE IndicesLevel 1USD 3.15
(previously USD 2.60)
USD 11.10
(previously USD 9.40)
FTSE Indices DelayedLevel 1GBP 0.52 (previously GBP 0.50)
FTSE Indices Real timeLevel 1GBP 3.13
(previously GBP 3.00)
GBP 20.84 (previously GBP 9.40)


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