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Title: Macro Monday - Your Weekly Cross-Asset Call
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Start your week off by joining our traders and strategists at 0830 (GMT+8) every Monday as we prepare for the week ahead.

We take a look at recent developments, sentiment & market positioning from a Global Markets Cross-Asset class perspective.

The Macro Monday Call includes:

  • A look back on major events and highlights from the previous week
  • A preview of the week ahead, from key economic data points to macro winds that could determine the pathway of the markets
  • Coverage of current market sentiment, positioning and trade views across topics in Currencies, Equities, Commodities & Fixed Income
  • Charts and market fundamentals on the backdrop of current macro trends

To follow us every Monday morning, click here and using your client ID and name, log in as a guest. Bookmark this page on your browser for easy reference.

We have had great feedback from clients who joined the Macro Monday call. Interested to find out more? Watch a previous recording of the call here.


Don't miss the out on these topics to be covered over the remaining weeks of 2016!

  • The US elections – What if Trump wins..?
  • The Fed – Will they really hike on December 14?
  • BoJ – Have they thrown in the towel?
  • ECB – All about Dec 8, will they over deliver or disappoint? 
  • RBA – If they had to move, it would probably be a hike…?
  • US Dollar – How strong? Too Strong!
  • Gold – Looks like we’ve had the much needed wash out… 
  • Bonds – The march in higher yields continue



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