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Title: All Stock CFD trades routed to market (DMA) from 14th December
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Due to improvements in speed of execution, Smart Routing and changes in the regulatory environment, Saxo Bank Group will no longer be a Market Maker for Single Stock CFDs from Monday 14th December 2015. Instead, we will be offering Single Stock CFDs on a pure Direct Market Access (DMA) basis where all orders will be routed directly to the market.

This will mean that Single Stock CFDs will no longer be available on Live (Green) tradable prices but will be traded through Market, Limit and Stop orders:



Non-Stock CFDs not affected

Trading in other CFD types will be unaffected and will continue to be available on live green prices including:

  • CFD Indices
  • CFD Commodities
  • CFD Forex
  • CFD Interest Rates and Bonds



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