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Title: Over 500 Stock Options now available
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​​​Saxo now offers over 500 stock options on popular stocks across US, European and Asian Markets including:

  • Hong Kong - 55 most-traded stocks
  • London - 53 most-traded FTSE 100 stocks
  • US - 315 Stock Options & ETFs
  • Germany - 32 stocks including all the DAX Index stocks
  • Swiss - 22 including all 20 Swiss SMI Index stocks
  • France - 42 including all CAC 40 Index stocks
  • Amsterdam - 30 including all 25 AEX Index stocks

Stock Option Strategies

Stock Options are ideal for strategic stock trading, allowing you to trade almost any market, and are particularly well suited to:

  • Leveraged directional plays with a known-loss potential
  • Volatility strategies where a stock’s price is expected to move outside a range (either up or down)
  • Low-volatility strategies where a stock’s price is not expected to move outside a range
  • Hedging existing portfolios
  • Revenue enhancing portfolios – writing options against a portfolio to take the premium.

As opposed to warrants, Stock Options offer tighter prices, higher volumes and more transparency. Combination strategies are highly versatile and allow you to trade almost any kind of market you have a view on.

Join our OptionsLab every Wednesday at 18:30CET (04.30 AEDT)

Join our OptionsLab every Wednesday at 18:30 CET (04.30AEDT) and learn about the versatility of Stock Options from the experts. We understand that this may be a very inconvenient time so please here to check out the previous webinar recordings. 

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