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Title: New in SaxoTrader
Page Content:

Improvements to FX Liquidity Depth

Forex trade tickets have now been enhanced with interactive Liquidity Depth where:

  • Each row shows the price levels available for accumulated amounts
  • Horizontal bars indicate the relation of the amounts at each level
  • Clicking a level populates an aggressive Limit Order with:
    • Sell for Bid / Buy for Ask levels
    • The price at that level
    • The accumulated amount at that level

Trading from the Watchlist, Trade Board and Forex Board

We have recently improved trading support from Watchlists, Trade Boards and Forex Boards in SaxoTrader where:

  • Instruments with non-green prices (Yellow or Purple prices) will now launch a trade ticket for the instrument.
  • Instruments with green prices will continue to execute on the live price






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