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New Period Overview report - from June 2016

The new Period Overview report will show account value development itemized as profit and loss per traded instrument and cash bookings and allow you to analyse broader, long-term trading trends.

The Period Overview report will be available in the Account section of the SaxoTraderGO platform and will show the development of a selected account or across all accounts,

The info icon (i) on each post gives access to full details of the post including:

  • the value of the position at the start and end of the period
  • a summary of all individual bookings for the instrument throughout the period

period overview

Excel Export

The extended Excel function also allows you to export each booking in the period showing the value at the start and end of the period and offers unprecedented granularity and flexibility of the data.

The report can also be exported as PDF.

New Chart features in SaxoTraderGO

Chaikin Accumulation Distribution Line (ADL) Study

The Accumulation Distribution Line (ADL) developed by Marc Chaikin is now available from the Studies menu.

Chaikin ADL is a volume-based indicator designed to measure the cumulative flow of money into and out of a security, essentially measuring the buy and sell pressure and confirming the strength of a trend. 

The ADL indicates both bullish and bearish signals and relies on divergence and confirmation:

  • a Bullish signal is when the price is in a downtrend and the ADL is moving up.
  • A Bearish signal is when the price is in an uptrend and the ADL is moving down

This study relies on trade volume so it is only available on exchange-traded products and is not available on OTC products such as FX.

Chart features

Triple Exponentially Smoothed Moving Average (TRIX) Study

Triple Exponentially Smoothed Moving Average (TRIX) is a momentum oscillator developed by Jack Hutson and shows the % change in a triple-exponentially-smoothed moving average. It filters out insignificant prices and if you add a normal exponentially moving average to the TRIX study panel it works in a similar way to MACD. However, since it is triple-smoothed it is more smoothed than MACD. 

Similarly to MACD the lines fluctuates around 0 (zero) and when adding an EMA you look for divergence where the signal line crosses over for buy/sell and zero crossover line.

Money Flow Index (MFI) Study

Money Flow Index (MFI) is an oscillatior developed by Avrum Suodack and Gene Quong which uses both volume and price to measure buy and sell pressure on a security. The output value ranges from 0 to 100 and works like an RSI -- MFI is also known as volume-weighted RSI.

Investors are looking for divergence -- when the MFI moves in the opposite direction of the price.

money flow chart

Study offsets

A new Offset feature is now available from the configuration dialog for studies where you can move a study left into the past or right into the future  by up to -100 to 100 periods. The underlying calculation does not change this feature only moves the study left or right on the chart.

study offer


Fibonacci Projection annotation

A new Fibonacci Projection annotation is now available from the annotation menu in the chart. Previously this was available through the Fibonacci Extension annotation by placing the two last placements at the same level, but it can now be added more efficiently in two clicks.


Snap Annotation option

Previously snap for annotation was only available in the configuration settings, controlling snap on all annotations. You can now also select / de-select snap on each individual annotation in the annotation configuration settings.

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