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Market Data Updates

Separate subscriptions required for STOXX® and Euronext Indices

STOXX ® Indices and Euronext Stock Indices will require separate subscriptions for real-time data from 1st July 2016:

 STOXX® Indices Private Users   Professional Users
 Real-time level 1 2 EUR / Month  8.58 EUR / Month 


Euronext Indices  Private Users  Professional Users 
 Real-time level 1 1 EUR / Month  15 EUR / Month 


Euronext indices will remain on the PAR (Euronext Paris) exchange. STOXX® indices will be available on the STOXX Indices exchange.

Current STOXX® and Euronext Stock Indices subscriptions will be terminated on 30th June and clients must re-subscribe these new subscriptions.

ASX News Termination

The display of ASX News will be discontinued on 30th June 2016. All current subscriptions will be cancelled.