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Aggressive New FX Margins and Simpler Tiered Margin Structure

Aggressive new FX Margins

On 25th April 2016, Saxo Bank introduced lower margins and a simpler margin structure for FX (spot, forwards and options) with margin requirements from only 1% for many major FX crosses. You can now trade many of our major FX currency pairs with leverage of up to 100:1 

For example, the new default margin requirements for trading EURUSD can be seen below:

Exposure in USD per CCY Pair  <3 Million  From 3M to 25M  From 25M to 50M  >50 Million 
 Margin required 1%  2%  3%  6% 

See our FX Margin rates here.

Simplified Margin Structure

On 25th April 2016, we also introduced a new simple margin structure for FX making the margin requirements clearer on every trade where:

  • Margin requirements will be independent for each FX cross and not calculated over complex FX exposures
  • Margin will be based on a simple tiered structure with incremental margin requirements for each million traded
    So for a new EURUSD position of 6M, you will have: 

Total Margin required = 1% for the first 3 million + 2% for the second 3 million = 1.5%

More examples

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