Why trade Forex with Saxo?

Trade FX from as low as 0.2 pips: Access a broad range of liquidity and look beyond just top of book to get great spreads at the trade sizes you want. 
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Robust order handling: Benefit from increased liquidity, transparency and control, with potential price improvements on every trade.  
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Stay in longer: We offer stop-limit or stop-market order types, and trigger your orders on the opposite side of the spread to protect you from being stopped out due to spreads widening around economic numbers or times of reduced liquidity. 
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FX Options: Get full electronic access to trade vanilla and binary touch options with maturities from 1 day to 12 months, providing you with maximum flexibility to implement your trading strategies and market views.
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Responsible leverage: Benefit from our tiered margin methodology as a mechanism to manage political and economic events that may lead to the market becoming volatile and changing rapidly. 
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Automated trade signals: Simplify your market analysis with free technical Trade Signals integrated directly in your trading platform.
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Saxo Bank has received wide-spread industry recognition for its FX offering, its platforms and its services.

Our quality execution makes the difference

Saxo believes in a win-win situation where both client and broker can be successful. When you succeed, we succeed. Our quality execution helps you to stay in the market longer, safer and more profitably.

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